2019 retro Messenger bag is shocking and striking,Simple and versatile

2019 has entered the hot summer, and the clothes should be replaced. Is your wardrobe ready? In addition to buying clothes and shoes, don’t forget to change your bags in time! Today I will introduce you to five summer retro diagonal bags!

Messenger phone pocket

Crossbody bag

Some girls don’t like to bring too many things when they go out, and they don’t like to carry big bags because they feel tired. Why not try this 2019 retro diagonal mobile phone pocket? This pocket just puts the phone and the key, and it can not only be loaded with the essentials, but also not cumbersome, super practical! And it is not only practical, but also beautiful and very ornamental! How can you miss this kind of bag with practicality and value? Hurry and buy it!Retro bucket bag

Retro bucket bag

Crossbody bag

This bucket bag is not only retro-style, but also reveals a gentle atmosphere in retro. It takes the most popular plaid elements in the retro world, and it looks very temperament on the back, and the overall looks elegant and intellectual. This bag is very suitable for office workers, girls who are dating, and girls who are light and familiar, which will give people a sense of stability, reliability and trustworthiness. Is retro style your style? If you are, then take it quickly!

Morandi tofu small square bag

Crossbody bag

Morandi is said to have originated from the colors of Italian painters, and is the most comfortable color. It is also very popular in 2019 this year. This tofu small square bag is Morandi color. The color of this bag is very gentle, but without losing the sense of high and retro, the bag that combines gentleness and high level is very rare! In the summer, carrying this bag out of the door, the rate of return must be super high! Gentle, you feel that you can start this gentle bag~

Foreign small square package

Crossbody bag

This small square bag is very foreign, you are the most embarrassing woman on this street! Its strap is relatively wide, so it is not easy to break, it is very durable, even if it is heavy, it is not afraid. And its surface is very smooth, it feels very good, it gives a big feeling, but it is actually very cheap. The most important thing is that its color is really nice and gentle and retro. It is the most popular in 2019 this year. The avocado color is perfect for summer!One shoulder slung small square bag

One shoulder slung small square bag

Crossbody bag

This bag is super-capacity, very practical, and can be used to put large objects such as umbrellas. Moreover, its strap is also particularly wide and thick, so you don’t have to worry about the problem that the weight will break. The overall style is very simple and retro, the color is solid and looks very comfortable. And it’s versatile, with clothes and shoes. If you really don’t know what bag to buy this year, just choose it, it will not let you down!