Travel season, of course, the protagonist is a backpack.

In the season of travel, who is the protagonist? Looking at the dress and dressing up, there are very few titles that can be used for this title, but some inconspicuous peripheral products, accidental can play the so-called eye-catching effect, for example, backpacks, as long as they are properly selected, Minutes show the effect of icing on the cake, so easy!

出游季 主角当然是背包啦

From the point of view of the property, the denim backpack is already a relatively rare type. In daily life, almost the same paragraph is not seen. Traveling is no exception. Aside from the rare advantages, no matter what, the youthful and beautiful gesture is revealed. Enough to capture the hearts of women.

A fresh strawberry that is enough to be faked, is not regularly distributed on a pink and bulky backpack. It is a kind of visual experience. If you don’t see it, you can’t understand it, as if the whole soul has passed through 18 years old. The same, energetic.

In comparison, the animal print pattern of the backpack is more mature, from the inside out exudes the atmosphere of a modern urban fan, leading the trend, but also do not forget to show a show affinity, the use of several common colors Just right, don’t mention how much control you have.

Practical backpacks, usually the students’ party dishes, no matter what they are used for, they can be super-loaded, and all kinds of miscellaneous things don’t need to be considered. Just plug them in. You don’t have to worry about the lack of space. The key is that The value is not low, and the face is sufficient.

The backpack with a low-key luxury route is a bit sceptical, and the little one is extraordinarily refined. Although the surface looks normal, the bones are very upscale, a rivet, with a rich deep wine red leather, the quality is self-evident.

In pursuit of cost-effectiveness, it is still high in canvas backpacks. It will not face outdated risks in a few years. Even, it will not be bad for ten years and eight years, plus simple and elegant geometric patterns, basically no age. Restricted, cost-effective to no friends.

As we all know, the little yellow duck is quite well-known in all cartoon patterns. The reason is that on the one hand, because the image is soft and cute, on the other hand, because there is a strong sense of existence, if it does not appear, it must be brushed. The way is amazing, and you want to be obscured and silent.

The function of the mini-package has always been clear. It is embodied in the storage of mobile phones, keys, paper towels and other small items necessary for travel. It seems that there is nothing special about it. In fact, no one can go back. I know, it is definitely a 100% appearance rate.