About the trip, the backpack has something to say.

Undoubtedly, it is not a season suitable for travel, especially for women who are afraid of the sun. In any case, they will not be surrounded by the sun. However, even so, there will be exceptions. Once the restless factors in the body start to move, the house is a pain. So, I am in a good mood. Where do I want to go, “Where is the world so big, why should I stay at home?”


01 and every woman should have a pair of high-heeled shoes that suits them. Every woman should also have a backpack that has been given a strong personal style. Under the trade-off, the drawstring bag of the beam is the best choice, light and light. The characteristics occupies two-thirds of the reasons worth having.

02 Of course, there are also bundles of Drawstrings that are not particularly lightweight. Fortunately, it is not lightweight and has no light weight. Compared with the material of nylon, the bright silver shoulder bag of PU material is obviously more attractive to attract some eyeballs. It is no exaggeration. Said, compared with the counter genuine, do not lose.

03 Soft-sex women are different. What is light and what is not important to them, as long as the overall Kawaii element is enough, Japanese and Korean style cartoon backpacks can just meet this demand. The well-behaved kitten appeared, and the heart was turned.

04 It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to have too many suspenseful exposure properties. Anyway, it’s not just a cartoon image that can interpret softness. Anything that can be used as a synonym for softness, including carrots, is transformed into a pink powder. The print, who is not a cute little public trick.

05 A woman who has passed a certain age should not easily try the soft and cute system. The contrast is too big, it is not easy to parry, and if I don’t pay attention, I will laugh at the generous end. In this way, it is better to follow the trend route and the mini flower of the old flower. The package is good, at least the shelf life is long, and it will not be out of date in a short time.

06 Be conservative, consider the deep burgundy shaped shoulder bag, especially the temperament, the woman who is already very temperament or is practicing temperament can try, no matter what kind of clothes, can match the intellectuality of the show outside the wisdom, absolutely The versatile sacred product.

07 Young mothers don’t want to run around. After all, children need to take care of them. You can’t go in the distance, you can still be close, and occasionally distracting your heart and benefiting your body and mind. For this, a large-capacity bag is very important. It is not too convenient to put a bottle, diaper, toilet paper and the like. Anytime, anywhere, if you want to play, you can’t stop.

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